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Fixing everyone elses problems but not being able to fix your own.



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Thats downn

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I love chilling in my room after showers because I don’t have to put a shirt on >:D

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Think 3 Times Before you Act

To think that every girl would like a nice and caring guy,

but its not true all, girls want a challenge they want to change

what can barely be changed speaking of that there is a person

right in front of you who will treat you like your the only one

doesn’t care how plain and boring you are or how you even act

they just want you for who you are i just hate seeing you 

throw yourself to other guys and hurt yourself even more

but if that is what you want id just be right here cracking jokes

to you or maybe picking on you or even changing myself to be

such a dick so you can recognize me but nooo i dont follow i lead

i do my own thing and not copy someones personality so yeaa

you only have one heart use it well..Just Stop

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When parents ask who you’re texting.


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You’ve never spoke to me but you hate me?



 my lyf~

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I hate when i get that one text where i’m just like how the fuck do i reply to this?



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